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Five 5ided® Mattress Protector with Tencel® + Omniphase®

Five 5ided® Mattress Protector with Tencel® + Omniphase®

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    The Five 5ided® mattress protector with Tencel® + Omniphase® is the most modern bed protector available with three innovations united: Tencel®, Omniphase® and H2Pro® membrane. The Omniphase® stage change material advances an open temperature for snoozing in any environment; Tencel® fiber wicks moisture away from the body; and the laboratory-tested H2Pro® fluid confirmation layer creates a quiet, breathable protection against residual allergens and parasites. The consolidated advantages of these advancements mean you'll rest serene and dry with five sides of security for your bedding. In addition, pillow protectors can be accessed to establish a more pleasant sleeping climate.
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