Mattress Size Information

Mattresses are designed taking into account the needs of each person, such as the number of hours of sleep, health limitations, size of the room and whether or not you share a bed to sleep on.

In the following section you will find the different sizes of mattresses and you will be able to distinguish which one is the best for you, we also invite you to know our BedMatch technology which will allow you to know which is exactly the best mattress for you.

Mattress Size list


The King size is a design which allows couples to have plenty of room to sleep so they don't disturb each other at bedtime. It is a great option if you move around a lot when sleeping. The measurements are 76" x 80".

Cal King

The Cal King is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than the King size. It is the best choice for people of tall statures so that their feet are not left out of the bed, its measurements are 72" x 84".


The Queen size offers a space saving design and is a cost effective option for couples who want to have more space in their bedroom. It is the most popular size and measures 60" x 80".

This design is for those people who sleep alone but are looking to have more space when sleeping, they are the most chosen by active people and parents looking for a mattress for their teenage children, the measurements of this mattress are 53" x 75".

Full XL
The Full XL designs are made for tall people, with 5 inches longer than the FULL mattress, is the best choice for those tall people who sleep alone and want more space at bedtime, its measures are 53 "x 80".

These mattresses are the smallest and most affordable, the size is suitable for children or people who do not require a lot of sleeping space, the mattress measures 38" x 75".

Twin XL
These models are 5 inches longer than the traditional Twin but with the same width, this mattress is the best choice for growing teens or tall adults looking for a mattress that saves money and space, the mattress measures 38" x 80".