Beautyrest Silver Mattress Review

Beautyrest Silver Mattress Review

Beautyrest Silver is at the more affordable end of Beautyrest. Within it are the BRS900 and BRS900-C collections were introduced as new models with varying comfort types and build structures. Simmons has placed this collection as a mid-range option by both their pricing and materials featured. If you're researching Beautyrest Silver for more information about your next new bed, continue reading our expert review for pros and cons, top-rated mattresses, key features, and more.

Beautyrest Mattress Collections

The Silver mattress line is one of 5 collections from Beautyrest:

  1. Black (premium prices $2,399-$4,699)
  2. Harmony Lux (mid to upper range prices $1,399-$2,499)
  3. Silver (lower to mid-range prices $1,219-$1,589)

Type of Construction

Beautyrest Silver beds are traditional innerspring pocketed coil mattresses. They feature cooling technology and pressure-relieving foams. Some models include extra lumbar support to help keep the spine aligned.

Beautyrest Silver - An Overview

Silver mattresses start with a pocketed coil, which helps isolate support to your curves and minimize motion transfer from your sleep partner. Here's an overview video presenting a lot of the Silver collection's features and benefits.

More on Beautyrest Silver Mattress Features

The features vary from model to model, but each has the 900 Series Pocketed Coil Technology, a cooling cover, and pressure-relieving foams

1. 900 Series Pocketed Coil Technology

Silver mattresses' support system is hundreds of individually wrapped coils that react and adjust independently to your weight and your body’s contours. Some Silver models also feature Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support, which adds contouring support for the lower back.

2. Pressure Relieving Comfort

Each mattress features pressure-relieving foams, some use Dynamic Response Memory Foam. They give a contouring feel and keep you from tossing and turning all night.

3. DualCool Technology

The quilt has cooling technology incorporated, so you won't overheat throughout the night. The fiber is infused with silver which conducts heat away from your body and prevents the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildews.

More about Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Mattress Company has been a leader in mattress manufacturing for over 100 years. Their Beautyrest flagship brand has been a household name for many decades. Many people remember the “bowling ball” commercial where a bowling ball was dropped on a mattress to highlight their pocketed coils (a glass of wine would sit undisturbed when the ball bounced on the other side of the bed).

In recent years Simmons merged with Serta into the Serta Simmons Bedding Company, making them one of the two largest mattress companies in the world (TempurSealy is the other). Simmons now markets the Black, Platinum, Silver, and Hybrid mattress collections.

Being a large manufacturer, Simmons engineers and makes many of its own components in addition to manufacturing. With their longevity and size, they have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge making mattresses. Simmons makes millions of mattresses each year and they’ve maintained a positive reputation over the long run. While some review sites call out consumer complaints, those sites fail to provide the context that there are tens of millions of customers sleeping on Beautyrest mattresses. Altogether, Simmons Beautyrest has a highly positive customer reputation.


Beautyrest Silver mattresses represent a mainstream line of mattresses from Simmons, a large mattress company. These are mid-priced, fairly well-equipped mattresses designed to do a lot of business for Simmons. You can’t go wrong with beds like these.  We've reviewed both levels of the Silver collections separately for additional information.

It comes down to your preference for the features. For example, whether you want regular pocketed coils or the models with the additional "Gel Memory Foam Center Third Support" for extra conforming back support. In our testing, many of the mattresses rated well and the top 5 we listed in this review rated extremely well. Like the Kenosha Place Medium Pillow Top, which is a ‘Recommend’ for every body size and sleep position tested. There are a lot of great options to look at within the Silver collection.

These beds performed well in our testing, have reasonably high-quality materials incorporated into their design, and come from one of the largest, best-known mattress manufacturers in the world. You can safely consider these mattresses with confidence. It's down to determining if any of their models fit your situation and needs.

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