Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Prevent Lower Back Pain

Back sleepers come in many shapes and sizes and have no set comfort range. Some back sleepers like rock-hard mattresses while others prefer cloud-like softness. To play it safe, unless you know you like a very firm mattress, back sleepers generally want something soft enough to contour to the arch of the lower back. A lack of arch support can lead to soreness in the lower back after a few nights. Memory foam, latex, and pillow tops are a good solution for this, though many traditional innerspring models can also achieve the necessary conforming support.

Plush Padding and a Sturdy Coil System

Most back sleepers will enjoy a plush, pillow top, or euro top mattress, but padding isn't the only important feature for back sleepers. It is also vital that the coil system (or other core support system) provides the right amount of support to the back. Without some resistance to give the back the support it needs, back sleepers may still experience soreness and back pain from improper spinal alignment. Modern mattress technology has made it much easier to create a back sleeper mattress with plenty of comfort and support using materials like memory foam and latex foam that effectively support the body while also relieving pressure.

Below are the mattresses that our experts hand-picked as the best options for back sleepers. Use them as a guideline to compare other models you may be considering, and feel free to give us a call at 954 303 1476 if you have questions or could use more advice.

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