Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattress Review

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattress Review

Beautyrest Harmony Lux is a mid to upper-end collection of mattresses from Simmons Beautyrest. Online retailers use abbreviated versions of the names that brick and mortar retailers will use. Example: Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon 1000 Plush (store) vs. Beautyrest HLC 1000 Plush (online).

When we get the models in our facility, we'll test and analyze them further, then update this review.

Beautyrest Mattress Collections

Harmony Lux falls in the mid to upper range of Beautyrest collections.

  1. Black (premium prices)
  2. Harmony Lux (mid to upper range)
  3. Harmony Lux Hybrid (mid to upper range)
  4. Silver (lower to mid-range prices)
  5. Beautyrest (value)

Type of Construction

Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattresses are innerspring mattresses with T2 Pocketed Coil Technology, meaning the coils have 2 strands. There's an alternating coil used in the center 3rd of the mattress, which provides better support and durability without being too rigid.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux - An Overview

Harmony Lux mattresses have pocketed coils, meaning they're individually wrapped. This is a better innerspring design than the interconnected coils in traditional models because it allows the coils to provide precise support, contouring to your body. Another big feature in Harmony Lux mattresses is a cooling layer just under the cover they call “InfiniCool Lux".

There are layers of premium foam that'll give some really advanced pressure relief. A noted feature of the Harmony Lux collection is its partnership with SEAQUAL to make use of reclaimed plastics, which were removed from the ocean. The plastic is repurposed by Simmons to provide temperature management and a cool-to-touch feel in the quilt of every Harmony Lux model

Delivery Method

Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattresses are sold online as HLD 2000 and HLD 1000 models and in stores as part of the Diamond Series or Carbon Series. They’ll be delivered by in-home delivery and set up teams, which will be free, along with the removal of your old mattress.

More about Beautyrest

The Beautyrest brand is a product of the Simmons Bedding company and has been in business since the introduction of the Pocketed Coil technology in 1925.  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw, all movers, and shakers in their own regard, had one thing in common: they, like many Americans, couldn’t risk a poor night’s sleep for the progress of tomorrow.  Each demanded better sleep and found the answer with Beautyrest®.

Innovators and industry leaders from the start, Beautyrest would go on to mark another huge landmark in 1958 being the first company to offer Queen and King-sized mattresses.  Further innovation led to the development of the world's first non-flip mattress in 2000 which made it easier to maintain your bed without having to wrestle with the thing.  2003 brought the introduction of the T3 Pocketed Coils for which the Black collection is so well-known.  The Beautyrest Black line is so popular that it's the #1 luxury innerspring line in the mattress industry.


Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattresses are designed and targeted to be in the mid-range for prices ($1,499 - $2,399), with some really top-notch materials. They come in a wide range of comfort levels, from extra firm to pillow top plush. The eco-conscious will like the fact that plastic bottles and debris from the oceans are recycled and used in the Harmony Lux mattresses (they're partnered with SEAQUAL to do this) - the repurposed plastic is used to provide cooling qualities in the quilt.

They have a pocketed double-coil system that is a step up from the single-coil system in Silver mattresses, and it will likely provide great support. We'll be able to test that out soon, but the fact that there is extra support in the center third tells me they're made to support the back quite well. The foams used for comfort are premium materials, and similarly to Beautyrest models out now, they'll do a great job of minimizing pressure points.

I would expect most people to be very satisfied with a Harmony Lux mattress. They're set to be high-quality, comfortable mattresses at really decent prices for how much they offer. If you're looking in stores, you'll likely find them under the full name, such as the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon 1000 Plush. Online retailers will have them under names such as Beautyrest HLC 1000 Plush.

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