Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta is America’s top-selling mattress brand, made famous in part for their talking sheep commercials you’ve probably seen. Serta offers popular well-known brands including Perfect Sleeper, iComfort, and their Hotel Collection. Serta is part of the larger Serta Simmons Bedding Company, the second-largest mattress manufacturer in the world. And unlike many newer mattress brands, they actually design and manufacture their own mattresses.

Type of Construction

Serta is best known for Perfect Sleeper which has a long reputation as a comfortable and dependable innerspring mattress. SleepTrue are their newer, lower-priced innerspring beds. Serta also established its iComfort memory foam and hybrid mattresses which became overnight successes. Those brands have all since expanded and the foam vs innerspring distinction between them has blurred.

Serta Mattress Collections - An Overview

Serta iComfort - is the flagship line of gel memory foam mattresses. Serta iComfort mattresses have a foam core instead of innerspring and are topped with various layers of foam and gel memory foams. The key feature is TempActive Max Gel Memory Foam which is their proprietary material that captures and dissipates heat. The mattresses are available in firm to medium comforts. These are top mattresses that excel in pressure relief and motion isolation. Read our review of the Serta iComfort Collection.
iComfort Hybrid - uses a Hybrid Coil system as the support underneath varying layers of foams and gel memory foams. And they also have TempActive Gel Memory Foam similar to regular iComfort models. Hybrid construction offers more springy support feeling like a traditional mattress. There’re 11 models offering a broad range of comforts from firm to soft mattresses. For more details, read our expert review on Serta's iComfort Hybrid collection.
Serta Perfect Sleeper - is their mainstay and comes in 3 levels of increasing features. The innerspring core is made of 520 continuous, or 739 or 886 individually pocketed coils. Mattresses have differing types and amounts of foams, including Cool Twist Gel Foam and Cool Action Gel Memory Foam. These are premium foams to help control your sleep temperature and make the mattresses more comfortable. The spring/foam combinations are tuned to provide great support, reduce your tossing and turning, and lessen sleeping partner disturbances so you get a comfortable night's sleep. Read our Serta Perfect Sleeper review.
Serta Hotel – innerspring mattresses offer the same quality and comfort found in leading hotel rooms. Serta is a big supplier to the hotel industry. Their mattresses are double-sided so you can flip the mattress over and sleep on the other side. Serta Hotel beds are available at various prices and feature levels. Read our expert review of the Serta Hotel Collection.

More on Key Serta Mattress Features (Available on Select Models)

Perfect Sleeper Support System
  • Three Coil systems:
    • 520 Continuous Support Innerspring System
    • 739 Custom Support Individually Wrapped Coil System with Best Edge Support
    • 886 Custom Support Individually Wrapped Coil System with Best Edge Support
  • All coils are designed to provide the proper support and spinal alignment
TempActive Gel Memory Foam
  • There are millions of gel beads in the TempActive foam material which act to trap and then help dissipate body heat. This feature helps to keep the sleeping environment cooler so you sleep better.
  • Available on select iComfort, iComfort Hybrid & Bellagio Luxe Hybrid models
Serta Hybrid Support Coil System
  • Serta's most advanced coil system uses a 3-stage coil that provides a responsive initial impression, an adaptive midrange, and a sturdy bottom for added durability. This coil system is individually wrapped for maximum body contouring and adaptability.
  • Adjustable base friendly
  • Available on iComfort Hybrid and Bellagio Luxe Hybrid models

Delivery Method

Serta mattresses are available in select stores and online retailers, and also directly from They are heavy mattresses usually delivered by an in-home delivery team. Delivery is typically free, and for more expensive models, so is the removal of your old mattress.

More about Serta

Serta is one of America’s oldest, largest, and most trusted mattress brands. Serta launched its iconic Perfect Sleeper brand in 1931. Serta today is the largest mattress brand in the United States. It is a part of the Serta Simmons Bedding company, which operates 36 American factories. They also have a broad international presence.

There are hundreds of mattress brands available in stores and online. Most of them are just marketing and reselling beds produced by others. Serta actually is a manufacturer, designing and producing its own mattresses. They leverage their lengthy experience and large size to drive innovation and bring high-quality beds to market. 

Serta has sold tens of millions of mattresses while maintaining a high-quality track record and level of sales success. And they have many loyal repeat customers. On the internet, there are review sites that gather and present what they purport to be ratings. However, they have a limited number of reviews. They don't fully reflect the experience of the millions of satisfied owners.


Serta is a leading mattress company that you can trust for the most part. They have a huge assortment of styles, features, and prices. Therefore, you need to zero in on what you’re looking for to find a specific mattress for your needs. They offer beds for everybody’s needs, from back sleepers to side sleepers, from foam to innerspring, and low-priced to luxury. For example, if you’re looking at high-end memory foam, you’ll be comparing iComfort or Hybrids vs similar products.

In our evaluations, the iComfort and Hydrid models generally test really well. At the lower-priced end, SleepTrue provides a low-cost, limited feature mattress that has a shorter comfortable life span. In the mid-range, Perfect Sleeper provides solid values with a range of well under $1,000 to over $2,000. They have such a wide assortment that you’ll need to narrow the selection down to those that fit your budget, comfort, and preferred features to find the best bed for yourself.

Perfect Sleeper models carry different names at different stores so it’s hard to compare prices. The Serta Hotel lines have nice choices if you want to duplicate the sleep you had in a hotel. And they also make flippable double-sided mattresses if you like that.

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