Pillow Types

16 Sep , 2021

Most of the time when we talk about our rest we refer to the mattress, but we must keep in mind that the pillow is the perfect companion of our mattress to guarantee us the perfect rest.

Fiber pillows

fiber pillow

Fiber pillows are the traditional types of pillows. They are filled with polyester fiber and do not follow a quality standard in terms of the amount and type of fiber they contain. These pillows are well known for their affordability and high level of breathability. However, they tend to offer low support and sometimes you must use two pillows to avoid damaging your neck or back.

Feather pillows

They are filled with duck and goose feathers, with the difference that feather pillows are softer than down pillows. However, there are pillows that combine both types of feathers, finding a middle ground between softness and firmness.

Cervical pillows

Cervical pillows

Cervical pillows are ergonomically designed to help correct neck posture when sleeping on the back or side. They are usually made of viscoelastic or memory foam material and are "M" shaped.

Their function is to reduce the tension and effort of muscles, joints and vertebrae of the cervical region of the back, seeking to keep the spine properly aligned while resting on the side or on the back on our bed.

Cervical pillows have great benefits, such as preventing or reducing the onset of headaches or migraines and relieving neck pain that we may have.

Viscoelastic pillows

Viscoelastic pillows

Viscoelastic materials are usually very flexible and adapt to the shape of your head to provide a better rest. Some viscoelastic pillows also have a filling of the same material to give the sensation of resting on pillows made of traditional material. 

Due to their quality, viscoelastic pillows have gained wide popularity in the market.

Gel core pillows

Gel core pillows

These pillows use a technology that provides the same characteristics of viscoelastic pillows, with the difference that they also have a layer of gel that helps regulate its temperature, being an excellent choice in case you have back pain or neck problems. In addition, they have an internal microfiber specially designed as an anti-mite treatment.

cbd Pillow

cbd Pillow

These pillows use a technology that uses a microencapsulation process to wrap the hemp-derived CBD in a protective layer that binds to the pillow's tissues.  The friction caused by using the pillow causes the capsules to burst and release a micro-dose of high-quality CBD that the user will absorb directly through the hair follicles and skin.

This will allow the person to achieve a regulated and uniform sleep throughout the night, without the need to ingest sleep-inducing products.

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