When to Upgrade to a King

When to Upgrade to a King

When should you change your mattress?

What size is best for you and your partner? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know, but we anticipate that if you choose the king size you will have a large space where you can stretch out and get comfortable as you like with your partner.

Let's see together the reasons why you should change for a king mattress:

The first reason is the size, the king mattress is the widest mattress is 76 inches wide, which gives you and your partner 38 inches of space of your own each, to put you in perspective a twin mattress is 39 inches wide, this means that if you choose to switch to a king mattress you would practically be sleeping on two single mattresses, sounds great right?

Let's make one last comparison with a queen mattress, this size is a very good choice but you have to keep in mind that if we compare it with a king size mattress you will be losing almost 10 inches for each person at the time of sleeping. This is because a queen size mattress will give you approximately 30 inches for each of you, and if you are thinking that you are losing space to stretch out, you are right.

You and I both agree that the king size mattress is the best option for you, so this brings us to the next benefit, truth be told, having your space in your bed is Great!!! With the king mattress you won't have any problem because as we saw its large size will make you and your partner sleeping on two single mattresses.

Great isn't it? Well, what if you have kids?

The king size is perfect for family time, for those nights when your little ones escape from their beds to sleep with you or when it's movie marathon day, you can take advantage of the large space that this mattress gives you so that no one is left out!

And if you don't have a partner or kids, imagine all that space for you, you and I agree that having a big bed all to yourself is great! You will be able to sleep in any position in comfort.

Finally your bedroom will look beautiful, our room is our space and we all want it to look beautiful, with this size mattress you will be able to decorate your room with beautiful bedding and brag to your acquaintances of the beautiful room you have.

In short if you change your mattress for a king size mattress you will be able to enjoy a great space to enjoy at bedtime whether you are alone or as a couple, you will also be able to watch movies and play with your children comfortably in a beautiful room!

Regardless if you change your mattress we invite you to rest on a mattress of our best brands, discover all the models we have in our store for the King size that you will surely love.

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