What is a Viscoelastic Mattress?

08 Nov , 2021

What is a Viscoelastic Mattress?

Initially, viscoelastic foam was developed by NASA for space research; but then it was introduced into mattress design. These mattresses are designed and manufactured with an elastic foam from which the name of this type of mattress comes from. This viscoelastic foam is designed to compress due to the pressure and heat of the body making it adapt perfectly to the shape of your body.
Viscoelastic mattresses became very popular because of their comfortable feeling and comfort during the hours of sleep.

Generally, since a viscoelastic mattress made of pure viscoelastic foam does not provide any opposing pressure, these mattresses are always separated from a two-part construction. Underneath the viscoelastic foam layer, the mattress usually has a cold foam or spring core. A cold foam core can be zoned very well, usually characterized by effective shoulder and pelvic zones, which is especially good for side sleepers. A viscoelastic mattress with a spring core allows for precise support and has breathable properties.Spring core mattresses are especially suitable for abdominal and back sleepers.


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