How does memory foam work?

How does memory foam work?

Memory foam reacts to body heat causing the materials that make up the mattress in this case the high density polyurethane foam and its low resistance become soft enough to mold to the body shape of the person resting on the mattress once the person rises from the mattress the mattress returns to its original shape as there is no pressure.

This type of mattress has great health benefits as it improves blood circulation throughout the body causing the tension in the joints to decrease. To this we must add that antimicrobial which does not allow mites to reproduce on the mattress reducing the likelihood of disease.

There are three main types of viscoelastic foam mattresses. The most known by people are the traditional type, which have the benefits we talked about in the previous points, but there are also two more types which are air cool and gel.

Air cool memory foam

Air cool memory foam is designed with a technology that integrates an intelligent structure of foams that are in layers that has the function of ventilation to achieve greater dissipation of body heat on the mattress.

Gel Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Gel Cool Memory Foam Mattress is created with small gel beads which are inserted into the foam and improve the circulation of heat in the mattress, also this design offers greater support than traditional mattresses, avoiding the sensation of sinking and generating less pressure on the joints of your body.

Regardless of the type of mattress we choose, we will find that we can choose between different densities, do not panic, the density refers to the firmness of the mattress, this means that the higher the density, the firmer and more resistant the mattress will be.

This is not only important for how firm you like your bed mattress to be, but you also have to take into account the durability of it, because the lower the density of the mattress you sleep on, the faster it will lose its shape and elasticity, the opposite happens if the density is higher, your mattress will last much longer and will offer you more support.

Now that you know more about these mattresses, the only problem you will have will be to be able to get out of bed in the mornings because in addition to maintaining a regular temperature on the mattress will adapt to your body.

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