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Aventura Mattress



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  • T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology - We elevate the design and performance of our legendary support in Beautyrest Black with our exclusive T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology. Three steel strands wound into one coil to absorb energy, reduce motion and provide exceptional resilience for support, durability and undisturbed sleep.

    BlackICE™ 4.0 Technology - Found only in Beautyrest Black®, BlackICE™ 4.0 Technology uses 4 cooling actions in our most advanced temperatures management system, so you feel cooler and sleep better.

    Curated Technoluxe foams reduce pressure points in your hips and shoulders.

    Immerse yourself in the exclusive cooling embrace of Beautyrest Black® with BlackICE™ 4.0 Technology. Found only in Beautyrest Black mattresses, this advanced temperature management system employs four cooling actions. As you rest, feel the transformative coolness, and experience an optimal sleep environment that goes beyond the expectations. Prepare to feel cooler and sleep better with each night's luxurious slumber!

    Complementing these cutting-edge features are the accurately crafted Curated Technoluxe foams. Designed with precision, these foams specifically target and reduce pressure points in your hips and shoulders, which creates a bespoke sleep experience tailored to your body's unique contours. Dive into the plush comfort of Curated Technoluxe foams, knowing that every detail is designed to enhance your overall sleep satisfaction.

    Beautyrest Black sets a new standard in sleep excellence with T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology for legendary support, BlackICE™ 4.0 for advanced temperature management, and Curated Technoluxe foams for personalized pressure relief. Boost your sleep sanctuary with Beautyrest Black, where innovation meets indulgence for an extraordinary night's rest.

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