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Beautyrest Silver Level 1 BRS900 Plush Pillow Top 14.75 Inch Mattress

Beautyrest Silver Level 1 BRS900 Plush Pillow Top 14.75 Inch Mattress

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  • The Beautyrest BRS 900 Plush Pillow Top King Size Mattress is a high grade mid-range mattress that holds great deal of value for those who prefer a softer level of comfort. Crafted from independently tested and certified comfort materials, this will make a fine choice if you're looking for a mattress that feels nice and soft, without being incredibly enveloping.

    7 Out of 10 Comfort Scale Score

    The BRS900 Plush Pillow Top scores a soft but not overly enveloping Comfort Scale rating of 7 out of 10 (10 being the softest). This comfort level is a great fit for side sleepers who want good pressure relief and contouring, or for back sleepers who want that pillowy soft initial feel.

    Dependable Coil System

    The 900 Series Plush Pocketed Coil System consists of a higher coil count than entry level models, and that results in even more of what makes this system great. It's among the most contouring systems on the market right now, provides amazing support, and is designed to minimize transfer of motion when movement occurs for undisturbed sleep.

    Enhanced for Cooler Sleep

    The DualCool Technology used to make the quilt is an antimicrobial performance layer that will aid in keeping your mattress fresh and cool, while wicking away moisture to offer a more thermal neutral sleeping space.

    Excellent Lower Back Support

    Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support delivers reinforced support and durability to the lower back, ensuring that there is plenty of support where it’s the most important.

    Is This the Best Choice for Your Needs?

    The Beautyrest BRS900 Plush Pillow Top King Size Mattress makes a wonderful choice in the soft category of mid-range mattresses. This model performs well, is built using high quality materials, and the updated coil count is sure to hold up well over the years. You can depend on a good 10 years of quality comfort from this mattress.

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