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Aventura Mattress



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  • Introducing an upgraded hybrid mattress featuring eco-friendly and super-responsive AeroFlex™ latex. Layers of pocketed steel coils and AeroFlex™ latex offer instant support, breathability, and reduced motion transfer—giving you perfectly balanced sleep for years to come. • Ventilated AeroFlex™ layer is made of premium latex, with a super breathable and quick-response feel that offers firm support while lightly contouring the body • Ultra-plush CoolSync™ foam has a gel infusion, offering additional contouring and pressure relief, while simultaneously balancing sleep temperature • Individually-encased steel coils absorb and isolate motion, creating an extremely strong core of support • Supportive base foam provides a stable foundation while still remaining flexible for use with an adjustable bed base • Chambray sidewall fabric adds softness and a luxurious look and feel from all sides • Quilted jacquard cover keeps everything in place and offers a plush, breathable sleep surface.

    Enhancing the luxurious feel is the Ultra-plush CoolSync™ foam, infused with gel for additional contouring and pressure relief. Simultaneously, it masterfully balances sleep temperature, ensuring you stay comfortably cool throughout the night.

    The individually-encased steel coils form an exceptionally robust core, absorbing and isolating motion for undisturbed sleep. Supported by a stable foundation of responsive base foam, this mattress remains flexible, accommodating those who prefer an adjustable bed base.

    Adding a touch of elegance is the chambray sidewall fabric, providing softness and a luxurious aesthetic from all sides. The quilted jacquard cover not only keeps everything in place but also offers a plush, breathable sleep surface for a truly indulgent experience.

    Immerse yourself in the ultimate sleep with our upgraded hybrid mattress, where AeroFlex™ latex, pocketed coils, and plush foams converge to redefine your sleep journey—promising years of unparalleled comfort, support, and eco-friendly sophistication.

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