The Benefits of Storage Beds

The Benefits of Storage Beds

Usually when we think of storage beds an unappealing,clunky, and dull bed appears in our mind. However, as we continue to innovate and change, storage beds have risen in popularity. Not only are they now aesthetically pleasing but they are also functional. 

Storage plays a huge part  when living in a home, if living in limited space even more so. 

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1. More Space 

It goes without saying that space is so important in ones home. We usually buy many goods for our selves such as clothing and food, however these have specific places to be held. Storage beds are a practical solution for extra storage for extra pillows, sheets, blankets, and etc. There are storage beds with drawers or even an ottoman design. The use of the space is limitless!

2. Great For Smaller Bedrooms

If your bedroom is compact, then storage beds are a great option. These beds allow you to sleep and keep the room uncluttered. Usually a child rooms is much smaller than a master bedroom so by having a storage bed it will definitely help with spacing. Hopefully keeping the room tidy as well!

3. Extremely Easy to Use 

All the storage beds we sell from Malouf are easy access. We know the importance of making it simple and easy to lift or open the bed, the beds are made of the highest qualities and will last for years. 

4. Helps Keep your Bedroom Clean

Having a bedroom with not enough storage can be quite stressful as many things can accumulate and its prone to clutter. Having more storage can help keeping the room tidy and allowing you to get better sleep. 


5. Aesthetically pleasing 

We are lucky to be in this day and time as manufacturers have woken up to the fact that beds need to look beautiful and be practical. There is so need to sacrifice style for storage anymore. If you are looking for an oversized headboard or a bed with a contemporary design we’ve got something for you. 


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