Top 10 Beautyrest Mattresses

Top 10 Beautyrest Mattresses

Mattress shopping can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Using state-of-the-art pressure diagnostic equipment, we’ve tested every Beautyrest mattress on our site and isolated the models that offer the perfect combination of pressure relief and support, so you can find the ideal mattress. Stop mattress shopping and start getting the best sleep of your life!

Harmony Lux Carbon Extra Firm Mattress

For an extra firm to earn the #1 spot on any top ten mattress list it must be special, and the Harmony Lux Carbon Extra Firm is quite special! This bed caters to those looking for the best firm mattress with great back support and multiple layers of cooling materials. Beautyrest also partnered with Seaqual to help turn plastic removed from the ocean into cooling layers in the Harmony collection.

  • Our best selling extra firm mattress
  • A great choice for firm bed fans
  • Extra support in the middle third of the bed 
  • Seaqual technology helps pull plastic from our oceans

Silver Kenosha Place Plush Pillow Top Mattress

If you want the best pillow top mattress that will feel soft but is still supportive then you should consider the Beautyrest Silver Kenosha Place Plush Pillow Top Mattress. This bed is the best pillowtop bed available from Beautyrest and our pressure test results confirm that it's ideal for all body sizes and sleep positions.

  • Outstanding pressure relief
  • Arguably the best value
  • Gel Memory Foam Center 3rd for more support and durability
  • Customer favorite

Silver Lydia Manor Plush Pillow Top Mattress

This mattress is the softest bed on this list coming in at a 9 out of 10 on our comfort scale. The Beautyrest Silver Lydia Manor Plush Pillowtop is the softest pillow top bed available from Beautyrest. Combine that with cooling layers of foam and the durability guaranteed by a good warranty and this bed earned its spot on this list!

  • Amazing performance for the money
  • Ideal for nearly all body types
  • Super Soft pillowtop comfort
  • Good cooling comfort

Beautyrest Black C Class Medium Mattress

The Beautyrest Black C Class Medium was made with a great deal of attention to detail and with the goal of providing one of the best firm luxury mattresses available. The Black collection of mattresses is Beautyrest's luxury collection with the inclusion of premium materials for optimal comfort and support for years to come. The C Class Medium is one of the best luxury mattresses available from any manufacturer.

  • Highest quality support from T3 coils
  • Premium comfort materials
  • Excellent motion separation from your sleep partner
  • Great for sleep partners with different comfort preferences

Silver Adda Medium Firm Mattress

Medium firm comfort in a mattress is a great compromise for sleep partners. The Adda Medium Firm Mattress is the best medium mattress that Beautyrest offers. It has stable back support and pressure relief which is ideal for virtually everyone.

  • Superior pressure relief
  • Great support for all body types
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Great for sleep partners with different comfort preferences

Harmony Lux Trilliant Ultra Plush Mattress

The Trilliant Ultra Plush is a great mattress for those who want the softest bed without actually getting a pillowtop model. This softer bed is one of the best mattresses for back sleepers that Beautyrest offers. The fact that it's a hybrid, which is a balance between memory foam and individual coils, adds to the fact this mattress definitely deserves to be on this top ten list!

  • Hybrid mattress - the best of both worlds, memory foam & coils
  • Adaptive support for most body types
  • Cooling comfort for deeper sleep
  • Adjustable base friendly
  • Great value in the Hybrid category

Harmony Lux Carbon Medium Mattress


The Carbon Medium Mattress is another model in the Harmony Lux collection of beds from Beautyrest. They're the ones with Seaqual technology which pulls plastic out of the ocean and recycles it into cooling materials used in these beds' construction. The Carbon Medium earned a spot on this list due to the fact that it's one of the most popular models Beautyrest offers.

  • Sustainable fabric featuring Seaqual Technology
  • Top of the line components
  • Great airflow throughout the bed to keep you cool
  • Individually wrapped coils that conform to the curves of your body

Beautyrest Black X Class Medium Mattress

This medium hybrid mattress from Beautyrest's luxury Black Collection is one of the best hybrid mattresses available. It's a great bed for back sleepers and has several layers of premium cooling material that the Black collection is known for. Plus, you get the best of both worlds in a hybrid, the conforming comfort of memory foam, and the stable support from individual coils.

  • The best hybrid mattress for back sleepers of all sizes
  • Great support from the T3 coil system
  • Premium materials used throughout
  • Cool-to-the-touch cover
  • Firm yet comfortable feel

Harmony Lux Diamond Medium Pillow Top Mattress

The Diamond Medium Pillow Top Mattress is one of the best pillowtop beds due, in part, to its medium comfort being a good compromise for sleep partners and its many layers of comfort materials. The Diamond is part of the Harmony Lux Collection which is made with Seaqual technology that helps remove plastic from our oceans. This bed really is one of the best pillowtop beds that you can buy.

  • Ideal comfort and support for all body size and sleep position combinations
  • Ten separate layers of comfort materials
  • Advanced cooling materials for a deeper night’s sleep
  • Environmentally conscious Seaqual technology

Silver Kenosha Place Extra Firm Mattress

The Kenosha Place Extra Firm Mattress is one of the best firm mattresses available thanks mostly to its high-quality construction and value for the price. This mattress is a great choice for those people who prefer a firmer comfort in their bed but also want to save some money.

  • One of the best extra firm beds
  • Excellent value
  • Outstanding edge support
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