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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid High Point Soft 14 Inch Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid High Point Soft 14 Inch Mattress

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  • Zoned for your Support

    The High Point feautres Sealy's highest coil count in its entire brand. The Sealy Response Pro HD Zoned Coil system takes the already solid Pro HD system and packs more coils in the center third where you need it most. This not only provides additional support in that area, but by having more coils overall, this coil system is able to follow every curve of your body more than lower coil count systems.

    Cooler than Being Cool

    As with all the models in this collection, the High Point features a SealyChill application directly on the cover. What makes it special is that Sealy applied twice as much SealyChill on the High Point cover AND integrated those same cooling properties into the first layer of the ComfortSense Premium Memory Foam. If you sleep hot, this mattress has everything you need to be able to cool you off.

    Improving on Greatness

    The DuraFlex Edge is a coil based edge support system that provides exceptional support all the way to the edge of the mattress without any of the drawbacks of a foam encasement. The Duraflex Pro Edge featured in the High Point takes the breathability to the next level by having ventilation pathways to allow for enhanced breathability, designed to keep your mattress sleeping temperature neutral.

    Nothing but Quality Foams

    The only foams you will find in the Sealy Hybrid collection, including the High Point, are gel based or premium memory foams. These foams provide more pressure point relief, better durability over time, and overall a higher quality product. Also not to be missed is the fact that the foams have all been Certi-PUR US certified, acheiving one of the most recognized certifications in the bedding industry to ward against heavy metals and toxins.

    Comfort without the Sag

    A sturdily built mattress landing just on the firmer side of neutral provides awesome conformability without sacrificing any support. A solid choice for most sleepers, the cooling properties in this mattress make it the best choice amongst the Posturepedic Plus Hybrid models this year!

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