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Aventura Mattress

TEMPUR-PEDIC LUXEBreeze - 10° Cooler Medium Hybrid Mattress

TEMPUR-PEDIC LUXEBreeze - 10° Cooler Medium Hybrid Mattress

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  • What do you get with one-of-a-kind Tempur-Pedic® Material, more than 1,300* premium innersprings and proven cooling? Nights of great sleep on the new Tempur-LuxeBreeze® mattress. Feeling up to 10 degrees cooler,** you’ll be refreshed as soon as you climb into bed. The heat-absorbing fibers of the zip-off, washable cover and innovative Pure Cool® Plus material absorb heat and provide enhanced temperature regulation. And with the Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material you’ll experience unmatched pressure relief for shoulders, hips and back to help you sleep pain-free.

    Enhance your sleep to new heights with the Tempur-LuxeBreeze® mattress, a fusion of innovation and premium comfort. Crafted with the unique Tempur-Pedic® Material and over 1,300 premium innersprings, this mattress redefines the art of great sleep.

    Feel up to 10 degrees cooler as you indulge in the refreshing embrace of the Tempur-LuxeBreeze®. The heat-absorbing fibers in the zip-off, washable cover, coupled with the innovative Pure Cool® Plus material, create an environment of enhanced temperature regulation. This  ensures you feel revitalized the moment you climb into bed.

    Designed with Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material, this mattress delivers unparalleled pressure relief for shoulders, hips, and back, offering a pain-free sleep experience. Embrace nights of unparalleled comfort, coolness, and rejuvenation with the Tempur-LuxeBreeze®—where advanced technology meets the promise of a truly restful slumber.

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