How to find the perfect pillow for your sleeping style

How to find the perfect pillow for your sleeping style

  1. How can you tell if it's time to replace your pillow?
  2. Your simple Pick-a-Pillow guide
  • Fill/ Fiber
  • Down
  • Synthetic down and polyester fill
  • Extra - What the heck is Fill power?
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Size
  • Fabric
  • Chermicals
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Back Sleepers


Many times we toss and turn throughout the night, and we can quickly blame it on the mattress. However, little do we know that pillows actually play a significant role in comfort when sleeping. Just like mattresses, pillows come in all sorts of comforts and materials; what is essential to determine is which pillow would be ideal for you based on your sleeping style.

That is why we are here to help you in this process.

We will be linking products of ours throughout this blog in which you will be able to take a look at and in the end get that perfect pillow. 😉

You see, if you are sleeping with a worn-out, old pillow and folding it in every which-way to make it the most comfortable, it simply isn’t going to get the job done. Your pillow is just as important as your mattress.


How can you tell if it's time to replace your pillow?


On average, it’s recommended to replace your pillow after 18 months. However, this is all dependent on which type of pillow you have. Memory foam pillows can typically last longer, up to three years. Natural pillows, such as latex, can last even longer. So if you are sleeping with a pillow that is five to six years old…. Let's get you that pillow!!!


Your simple Pick-a-Pillow guide


Fill/ Fiber

There are endless fill options for pillows, and it can be quite confusing if not explained properly as each fill option can give you a different comfort and quality of product.

Let’s look at the most common options:



These pillows are the classic and well renowned luxury pillow. Light, soft, and conforming - if you like a soft pillow, this can definitely be an option for you. Down pillows are typically made from goose or duck fibers - and run more expensive, though there is a great variation in softness with the fibers. When buying down pillows, keep an eye out for the type of down and if mixed with other fibers.

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As the fill does come from animals it can be a concern for allergic reactions and sensitivity to down. There are people who have intense allergies to down and feathers, and this can be a result from lower-quality down filling that hasn’t been sufficiently cleaned. Dirt can remain on the down, causing allergy and discomfort. To avoid this from happening you can look at hypoallergenic options such as “hypodown”.


Synthetic down and polyester fill

Synthetic down pillows are less expensive than hypoallergenic natural down and will need replacing a lot sooner than most. Comfort wise they are medium to soft, however not as soft as down. With time they are prone to flatten faster.

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Extra - What the heck is Fill power?

 When buying filled pillows usually there is a number with fill power, now what you need to know is that the higher the number, the better quality of the pillow. Not only that but it will last you much longer. For example a fill-power of 600 and higher is greater quality. 



The beauty of wool is that they are hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, bacteria,and dust mites. In addition to all of that they are excellent in regulating temperature as wool will wick away moisture from your head and neck. Ultimately, keeping you warm in the winter time and cool in the summer. Comfort wise wool pillows tend to be firm. Life span of this type of pillow can be for 3 years or longer.



Cotton acts very similar to wool, being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold. Structurally cotton pillows tend to be somewhat firm and overall flat. They can be a great option for people who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities.



AHHHH latex pillows, the perfect and natural pillow that is resistant to mold and dust mites, all while conforming to your head and neck perfectly. Latex pillows were designed to deliver you with the extra support to the head and neck and regulate temperature. The ideal pillow if looking for something soft to medium comfort.


Memory foam

The most popular pillow as of recent years. Reason why is because memory foam material conforms to your individual shape. Responds to your temperature and body weight, it softens to conforms to your head, neckband shoulders. Memory foam retains heat, which can lead to an uncomfortable night sleep. A solution to this is to look for high-quality memory foams with proper ventilation.



For the majority of people, a standard- sized pillow is a great size. However, if you prefer a large pillow, that’s fine, as long as it allows you to sleep in your desired sleep style. 



The fabric on the pillow is crucial to breathability and temperature regulation.  Try to use natural and breathable fabrics such as 100% cotton, tencel, and silk. 



Synthetic materials such as memory foam and polyester all undergo a chemical process. Before choosing your pillow make sure to know the chemicals and materials that went into making the pillow, as this is important for your health.


How does your sleeping position have ti do with the selection og your pillow?

 Nearly all of us have different sleeping positions, sometimes we don’t even know which one because we have slept years uncomfortably. Try to determine what is your sleeping position and then we can determine the ideal pillow.


Side sleepers

- Side sleepers typically need a medium to firm pillow with a high profile. When we sleep on our side we put a lot of pressure on our shoulders and hips, to have the proper alignment in your neck in the sleep position is essential.


Stomach sleepers 

- Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow or very low profile pillow underneath their head. As their is so much pressure being put on your body, adding a pillow under your stomach and pelvis can prevent back pain.


Back Sleepers 

- Back sleepers may need a flatter and softer pillow, to keep your head in perfect alignment. 


Ultimately, the most important thing when selecting a pillow is taking your time and getting the one that feels the most comfortable. This will help you with preventing neck & back pain, and have the best nights sleep.

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