Create Better Sleep Habits

04 Apr , 2022
We are always looking for ways to better ourselves and improve our lives as we get older. This is
especially the case when we hit a new year. But one thing we forget about is the importance of
getting a good night's sleep. What are some ways that we can sleep better? 
Well, lets;s dive right in.

Reconnecting with Nature

Create Better Sleep Habits

The easiest thing, which is also something that is free,is to reconnect with or immerse yourself in nature. A study has shown that spending lots of time indoors with artificial light disrupts the natural circadian rhythm. However, by simply increasing the amount of sunlight we receive, it can help reduce the consequences of that circadian disruption

Go on a camping trip and reset your internal clock. This will result in going to bed two hours

earlier than you were before.

Eat well to sleep well

Create Better Sleep Habits

It's important to nourish our bodies with nutritional and balanced
foods. Eating oily and fried foods that contain no nutritional
supplements can affect your sleep and overall health. It's good to opt
for foods that are high in melatonin, such as nuts, eggs, fish, Gigi
berries, and much more.

Dream Journaling

Create Better Sleep Habits

Many times, when we wake up, we remember a part of our dream or
sometimes entirely, but we don’t put much thought into it. Writing them
down can help you go through certain emotions you may have attached to
them, which in turn can help you discover and learn things about yourself
you wouldn’t have known otherwise.


Creating a sleeping sanctuary

Create Better Sleep Habits

If there is somewhere in your house to invest time and money in making it as relaxing and
aesthetic as possible, it is your bedroom. This is where we spend a third of our lives, and it's
important to sleep in an environment that calms us. Create an oasis by minimizing intrusive
noises, decorating with neutral or soothing colors, and incorporating friendly greenery. 
Another great thing to help is having a comfortable yet supportive mattress and cozy sheets.

Creating a Bed Time Routine

Create Better Sleep Habits

When approaching bedtime, it's essential to treat the time leading up to that special. Instead of
mindlessly scrolling on your phone or working out late at night, which can affect your sleep, try
to wind down and have a light snack, warm tea, or take some time to journal. 
These are all habits you can incorporate near your bedtime to sleep better! I hope this helps you
every day!

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