How To Adjust To A New Mattress

How To Adjust To A New Mattress

 If you ended up here, it's because more than likely you just got a new mattress and you haven’t adjusted yet. Don’t freak out… because here are some tips to take in consideration before planning to exchange that mattress or get rid of it.

Just how those new pair of shoes can give you a blister after walking out with them for the first time, breaking into a new mattress does require that initial time period as well. Many times we go from sleeping on an overused mattress that could’ve been slightly sagging and unsupportive to a brand new mattress. Now the comfort of this mattress can seem off, but it is because your muscles may be tense and haven’t adjusted to the now supportive mattress.

 5 tips for breaking in a new mattress

  • Good foundation
  • Let it air out
  •  Roll and spin on it
  • Give it 2 weeks
  •  Buy a mattress that you can exchange or go about a sleep trial

5 tips for breaking in a new mattress


Good foundation

If you have switched your mattress because of old age, hopefully you have switched your foundation as well. Without the proper bed frame or support underneath the mattress, your mattress will not be held up right correctly, resulting in your body not getting the proper support. Not only this, but it can affect your mattress greatly; sagging can occur, and damage as well.


Let it air out

 If you have gotten yourself a memory foam or hybrid mattress, it will perform best if given the necessary time to ventilate. Hold off putting bedding right away if mattress came compressed in a box. Its important to let the mattress regain structure and as well release any factory chemical odors.


Roll and spin on it

If you feel as if the mattress is too firm, make sure to add some extra weight, which could mean by rolling on the mattress yourself. Another thing you can do is try walking on it to concentrate your weight.


Give it 2 weeks

For the average human being it can take our bodies up to 14 days to fully get used to something, especially a mattress. Give the mattress enough nights of sleep and try to see if there may be other factors causing this discomfort.


Buy a mattress that you can exchange or go about a sleep trial

 For your peace of mind whenever you buy a mattress, have a guarantee that if anything goes wrong you can exchange it or return it. If you purchase a mattress with Aventura Mattress, we will reassure you with a 30 day comfort exchange.


Hopefully this helped!

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