Aventura Mattress was created to cater to our customers with the very best in industry knowledge and top of the line products in order to provide them with one of the most essential things in their lives… rejuvenating sleep.

I embarked in this mattress adventure a while ago, and what started out to be a job slowly became my passion; a passion that led me to open “Aventura Mattress”.

Most of us do not understand the importance of having a great mattress and how the right mattress for you can be life changing. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and through that course I’ve obtained knowledge that I can now share with my clients to educate, guide and explain to them how better sleep can contribute to a healthier and more productive life.

I created Aventura Mattress with the ultimate goal of building a space where my clients can enjoy a simple, friendly and professional none-harassing shopping experience. Now-a-days our beds serve as much more than just a place to sleep… we use them to read, tweet, create memories and share intimate moments … in essence our room is our sanctuary.

During my 15 year tenure within the business I have managed to develop strong relationships with some of the most respected vendors within the industry, this in turn has allowed me to provide my customers with quality products at the best value available.  At Aventura Mattress our customers are our priority and we focus primarily on how we can better your mattress shopping experience.

Here at Aventura Mattress we are trained professionals that will educate and guide you through the process of choosing the right mattress according to your specific needs.

Enough about us, let’s talk about the most important thing… you and your sleep. Whether you are looking for a classic coil mattress, a cloud descend feeling of memory foam mattress, a supportive hypoallergenic 100% latex mattress or an all natural 100% organic mattress, you need a company that will provide you with a combination of “Pressure Relieve & Support” to a great night sleep.

Come and experience what you have never experienced before. Give us a chance to change your life.

Tania Yumbla C.


At Aventura Mattress We are committed to bring the best prices to our valued customers.

We promise to offer a simple, personalized, hassle-free purchasing experience at the most competitive prices.

We strive to attain this goal by positioning our company as a world-class retailer that values its long standing ties with customers. By creating a strong alliance with our vendors, and conducting our business with integrity and ethics, we pursue to create an exceptional purchasing experience for everyone.

At Aventura Mattress we pledge to be courteous to our customers and educate them about the product they are buying. By learning more about the mattress you are buying, you can understand exactly what you’re getting for your money and make an informed buying decision. More importantly, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the best mattress and received the best value.